邱洪树  Qiu Hongshu

Black Diamond运动员  Black Diamond Athlete

全国攀岩冠军,洲际攀岩定线员,Evolution 攀岩训练创始人之一。攀岩十四年,具有丰富的攀登和教学经验。攀岩足迹遍及中国,并经常参与国际攀岩交流活动,曾在奥地利、意大利、美国、保加利亚、泰国等国家攀岩。擅长竞技攀登和自然岩壁的攀登,是中国少有的全能型攀岩选手。 “攀岩是一项有着无限可能的运动。尽可能的积累攀登经验,享受攀爬带给我的一切。”

National rock climbing champion, Intercontinental rock climber, and founder of Evolution Rock climbing training. Rock climbing for 14 years, with extensive climbing and teaching experience. Rock climbing covers China and often participates in international rock climbing exchange activities. It has been climbing in Austria, Italy, the United States, Bulgaria, Thailand and other countries. Being good at competitive climbing and natural rock climbing, it is one of the few all-around rock climbers in China. “Climbing is a sport with unlimited possibilities. As much as possible, I have accumulated my climbing experience and enjoyed everything that climbing has brought me.”

  周鹏  Zhou Peng

Black Diamond运动员  Black Diamond Athlete




Winner of Piolet d'Or Asia Awards 2012.

Now live in the small village of Baihe, Miyun,  Beijing, I can climb the real rockes. Open routes and climb hard on the route, teach people to climb rock on weekends, and teach people ice climbing in winter. I also like to go to the classic foreign climbing area and feel different climbing styles.

Mountaineering, rock climbing and ice climbing are the most important parts of my life.

古奇志  Gu Qizhi

Black Diamond运动员  Black Diamond Athlete

高山向导,中登协认证攀岩、攀冰教练。曾完成马特洪峰北壁、四姑娘山幺妹峰南壁、优胜美地酋长岩Salathe wall等路线。


Alpine guide, China Mountaineering Association certified rock climbing, ice climbing coach. He has summited the northern wall of Matterhorn, the south wall of the peak of the youngest sister in Mount Siguniang, and the Salathe wall route of El Capitan in Yosemite.

He is currently working as a trainer for rock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering. He also goes to the world to climb and enjoy the fun of climbing.

陈昭寰  Chen Zhaohuan

Nathan大使  Nathan Ambassador


她说,“看未知的世界 ,哪怕这一过程会有痛苦,但每坚持下来的1公里都在告诉自己,其实你可以比你看到的自己还要内心坚强”。


From flight attendant in Shenzhen Airline to 145 pounds of fat mother, then run back into the most beautiful hot mom. Starting from running, He met a better self.

She said, “Looking at the unknown world, even if this process will be painful, but every one kilometer that persists is telling myself that you can actually be stronger than you see yourself.”

Without envying the sun, you should be your own light.

蒋逍然  Jiang Xiaoran

Nathan大使  Nathan Ambassador

2017 Xtrail祁连山百公里团体第一

2018高黎贡山超级山径赛-125km 男子组第四 

2018林贾尼火山越野赛-60km 男子组季军




2017 Xtrail Qilian 100km,Group Champion

2018 Gaoligong by UTMB,125km,4th Place

2018 Rinjani 100,60km,3rd Place

The identity of the project manager is rational, the trail runner is casual, and the travel + food status is self.

Switch naturally between different identities and practice your love of life on every trip.

Cross-country running allows the moon to exude a strong freedom in his blood. Even if there is no sunshine, he will be full of smiles when he runs, and love the life he defines.

沈昊泽  Shen Haozhe

Nathan大使  Nathan Ambassador



A sports APP signing runners, Duan Zishou, talking loudly, has a wide range of interests. He believes that since people are always going to die, they must pay attention to living methods and use jogging to meet more interesting people and experiences. "Don't wait, no need."

"Running can't make you a new look, but it can make you live what you were supposed to be." For Shen Shaoze, this is the happiest achievement after finishing one goal after another by running.

吕国栋  Lv Guodong

Nathan大使  Nathan Ambassador

2017 TNF100莫干山国际越野跑挑战赛-60km 男子组季军

2017 TNF100长白山国际越野跑挑战赛-100km 男子组季军


2017 The North Face 100 Ultra Trail Challenge Moganshan - 60km Men's Team Runner-up

2017 The North Face 100 Ultra Trail Challenge Changbaishan - 100km Men's Team Runner-up

Wine poet, laps called "poets." Trail running represents freedom, adventure, and challenge. It is also the awakening of his personal liberalism. People are integrated into nature, and people and people are united. People are only visitors to the mountains. Nature has infinite power and must respect nature. By sensing mountains, water, air, plants, and animals, you can acquire powerful power from nature. The original force is with you!

虞建华  Yu Jianhua

Nathan大使  Nathan Ambassador



Su Sanqiu was called. 90 running fitness coach. Since childhood, it has been a fat piece of paper, because running has changed everything and made me more and more confident. He most wanted to say, "Thank you for not giving up and doing better yourself."

Running makes him understand that what is called "persistence." The four-month morning low heart rate morning run created a maximum oxygen uptake of 70, one step at a time. Convinced that "running is self-cultivation."

朱禹璇  Vicki Zhu

Nathan大使  Nathan Ambassador

2017 Vibram HK100 小银人




2017 Vibram HK100 Silver Award

Singaporean Chinese.

If moving from the rabbit, quiet if the child. Once a senior engineer, he was born in engineering, but he has a heart that loves the outside world. He goes to the sea and has footprints in more than 20 countries in the world. Skip the umbrella, hold the advanced scuba diving certificate, climb the high altitude mountain peak, run the marathon, and have fun turning the cross country.

In 2017, we completed hundreds of international cross-country races of 100 kilometers (silver people) in Hong Kong, 108 kilometers of Kanas, 135 kilometers of the Queen of Chiang Mai Jungle, and completed the trekking around Mont Blanc and succeeded in reaching Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe.

胡一叶  Hu Yiye

Nathan大使  Nathan Ambassador


2018 Swisspeaks 360完赛,2017 HK168年龄组冠军,巨人之旅超级越野赛完赛,Garmin100 年龄组第三名。

Her running habits began in the university and have not been interrupted since then. In 2015, it began to contact with trail running. She met several like-minded friends during the trail running. After a period of discussion, everyone decided to start a business. They opened a running outdoor equipment store called “Jianmu Outdoor” in Shenzhen. The purpose is to provide a series of professional running services for equipment, training and events for runners. . Why do you want to run? The leaf said: "The phrase that is often used by Jianmu er is that excessive comfort will lose the soul. At any moment, as long as you start to mind..."

2018 finish Swisspeaks 360, 2017 HK168 age group champion, finish Giants Tour Super Cross Country, Garmin100 age group 3rd.

董旻斐  Fay Dong

Ultimate Direction大使  Ultimate Direction Ambassador

2017 宁海越野挑战赛-100km 女子组冠军

2017 柴古唐斯括苍山越野挑战赛-60km 女子组冠军



2017 Ultra Trail Ninghai - 100km Women's Champion

2017 Ultra Trail TsaiGu - 60km Women's Champion

Including all kinds of women's champions in the shipping area, the real power to send! Running makes her more focused and simpler. "Run it!"

She said, "In the long-distance cross-country race, there are a lot of unknown factors, stomach upset, blisters on the soles of the feet, cramps in the legs and legs, physical exhaustion, etc., but there is always a force that allows you to persist." This is the charm of cross-country running. It will not change anything, life will continue but there is more courage to face the unknown life!

方正杰  Fang Zhengjie

Ultimate Direction大使  Ultimate Direction Ambassador

2018 Vibram HK100小金人



2018 Vibram HK100 Gold Award

He came from Hangzhou and grew up on the mountain. He liked to run in the mountains when he was young. From the fat man to the Vibram extraordinary team, from 5 km to 100+ kilometers. Whether in the morning or in the evening, put on comfortable running shoes, favorite clothes, and then carry an off-road backpack and step out of the house. Towards the faint mountains of humanity, it reaches scenes that are far from normal.

This is not just the mechanical movement of the feet. A few steps in the forest will make you feel happy. All the elements around you will strongly guide you. As the four seasons change, the real runner will continue to run on the road.

蒋良智  Jiang Liangzhi

Ultimate Direction大使  Ultimate Direction Ambassador

2017 VASQUE杭州西湖跑山赛 男子组冠军

2016 中国黄山国际登山大会-50km 男子组亚军

2016 门百汇跑两项赛 男子组冠军




2017 VASQUE Hangzhou Trail Running Race Men’s Team Champion

2016 China Huangshan International Mountaineering Festival - 50km Men's Team Runner-up

2016 Mentougou 100K Men's Champion

Virgo in life, into the financial professional door. Careful demanding and devoted efforts are the attitude of Lao Chiang towards love affairs.

“Freedom of the Mountain”, he likes mountains, advocating freedom of nature, and enjoys a person’s time alone in the mountains. Cross-country running this sport is in line with the current expression of Lao Jiang’s passion for mountains and outdoor activities. He drove his legs to talk and communicate with each scene to experience the beauty and grandeur of nature.

Do not give up, but do not blindly insist. Be your favorite person.

朱进  Zhu Jin

Ultimate Direction大使  Ultimate Direction Ambassador

2017 八百流沙极限赛 第22名




2017 Ultra Gobi 22nd place

Astronomers, but also cross-country runners.

Zhu Jin is probably the best person to watch the stars in the cross-country race. Among the astronomers who can run the most. When he regained his run after 50 years old, he continued to talk to nature in cross-country races.

"You can look up at the stars and you can stay on the ground." For Zhu Jin, this is the greatest charm of long-distance trail running.

吕瑞涵  Lv Ruihan

Ultimate Direction大使  Ultimate Direction Ambassador

2018 梅里100公里极限耐力赛女子冠军

2018 大五朝台之旅70公里团体组女子亚军

2018 TNF100越野挑战赛秦岭站 50公里女子第5名

2018 TNF100越野挑战赛北京站50公里女子第6名

2017 崇礼100越野挑战赛 110公里女子第6名



2018 Meili Ultra Endurance Race, 1st Place

2018 Grand Wutai Pilgrimage,70km Group, 2nd Place

2018 TNF100 Ultra Trail Challenge Qinling, 50km, 5th Place

2018 TNF100 Ultra Trail Challenge Beijing, 50km, 6th Place

2017 ChongLi 100 Ultra Sky Trail Challenge,110km, 6th place

Lv Ruihan, who started running for weight loss, is a test engineer in the network security industry. In stark contrast to her rigorous and precise career, she is free and happy when she runs in the mountains, from the IT house of mild fatty liver. High altitude extreme endurance race 100 kilometers champion, all you need is just love and persistence.

"Recovering your true self in the mountains." Lu Ruihan believes that the most important thing is to follow his own heart in the cross-country running, listening to the body's voice in nature, and then running happily.

彭茜  Peng Qian

Ultimate Direction大使  Ultimate Direction Ambassador

2018 UTMB finisher

2018 柴古唐斯越野赛-50km 女子组亚军

2018 高黎贡超级山径赛-128km 女子组亚军

2017 北京TNF100北京国际越野跑挑战赛-100km 女子组季军

2017 2018vibram HK100小金人







2018 UTMB finisher

2018 Ultra Trail TsaiGu,50km,2nd Place

2018 Gaoligong by UTMB,125km,2nd Place

2017 The North Face 100 Ultra Trail Challenge Beijing,100km,3rd Place

2017 2018 Vibram HK100 Gold Award

He is a beautiful girl and a frequent visitor to various cross-country podiums.

However, the platform is not a deliberate goal for her. She just likes to do what she wants.

A beautiful life is open. I don't limit myself to the city. She chooses nature, likes off-road, and runs freely between mountains and forests.

The beautiful scenery is dynamic. It is the rustling sound of the wind blowing through the pine trees. It is the stream that flows down the top of the mountain. It is the person who runs on the side of the stream with pine needles.

The quaint Shangtang River, the beautiful West Lakes, the steep Mount Cangshan, and the majestic Mont Blanc have left her beautiful figure in their long time.

Not only did we choose the mountain, but the mountain chose us. You are the elf of the mountain.

姚佳  Yao Jia

Ultimate Direction大使  Ultimate Direction Ambassador

2018 Vibram HK100 小金人




2018 Vibram HK100 Gold Award

Run freelance writer, pen name Xiao Sun. Continuous writing, intermittent death.

When I was a child, I was obsessed with martial arts. In Tianlong Babu, Tianshan Tonglu danced in the mountains. It was light and graceful and graceful. If Hu Fei in the snow-capped foxes “kills his father and enemies,” Miao Renfeng has Yu Yufeng and Miao Ruolan’s works. The two people can not help but sneak into darkness; "The Eagle Shooting Heroes" Zhonghua Mountain has become the place where all the masters compete with each other, and the position is like a turf in the martial arts world. In my memory, the mountains are always filled with stories, as legendary as the Tianshan Mountains, or as dangerous as Huashan...

“Mountains and mountains do not meet each other, people and people often meet.” Running in the mountains, feel the mountains, record the story, pursue a different kind of freedom.

周启鹏  Zhou Qipeng

Ultimate Direction大使  Ultimate Direction Ambassador

2018 Vibram HK100 小金人




2018 Vibram HK100 Gold Award

Advocating freedom, not accompanied by the congregation, do not like to join in lively preferences, as he likes to run alone in the mountains and the world.

The simple idea of keeping in shape began to run, and it never got out of hand. The advantage of good endurance during secondary school students can be continued, especially for long-distance running such as trail running.

Loved the lack of oxygen in the mountains to climb the top of the hill after the downhill dripping, like people who do not know on the track to call "Egg brother refueling" to call for their own, but also to each game as old friends party!

沙石  Sha Shi

Ultimate Direction大使  Ultimate Direction Ambassador


2017 柴古唐斯XTC第7名,凯乐石莫干山60KM年龄组第3名,九龙湖60KM冠军,追猎50KM第3名,2018 新昌42KM冠军,香港100第68名,Annapurna 100KM国际组第3名,九龙湖50KM第7名。

He is a pilot with a lot of trail running experience and excellent records. He said: "It is a very pleasant thing to be able to join the UD Ambassador team and recognize each other's brands. I hope that I can share my recognition of UD with more friends around me."

2017 Chaigutangs XTC 7th, Kailas Moganshan 60KM age group 3rd, Jiulong Lake 60KM champion, Zhuile 50KM 3rd, 2018 Xinchang 42KM champion, Hong Kong 100 68th, Annapurna 100KM international group No. 3, No. 7 in Kowloon Lake 50KM.

朱进  Zhu Jin

Vasque越野跑大使  Vasque Trail Running Ambassador

2017 八百流沙极限赛 第22名


2017 Ultra Gobi 22nd place
Astronomers, but also cross-country runners.
Zhu Jin is probably the best person to watch the stars in the cross-country race. Among the astronomers who can run the most. When he regained his run after 50 years old, he continued to talk to nature in cross-country races.
"You can look up at the stars and you can stay on the ground." For Zhu Jin, this is the greatest charm of long-distance trail running.


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